Do we know how to talk anymore

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Were are my flying cars, the transport tubes and all the other things the tech people envisioned way back in the old 20th century!  Well ok I can live without the flying cars as I hate to fly and people are bad enough with driving the damn things on the ground, just think of the mess if we took to the air!  Still there are things that have changed the world as we know it.

I’m a kid of the late 70’s early 80’s hell I still have some 8 tracks somewhere. back then we had two phones in the house maybe three, now I hardly even pick up the house phone, back then I use to pump quarters into arcade machines now I put a disk in one of the two different game units we have around here and play the same games from my easy chair.

Back then we had to use a stamp and send mail, these days I send email and really that is becoming out dated with IM’s, texts, and other forms of  “mail” In fact the good old postal service is looking to cut one day out as so many of us do not use them.  Way back in the old 20th we saw people we met with them now we face time, skype or tweet.

And while this is all well and good and well to me very, very cool has it hurt us a little as well? Have we become to distant from people from each other as we embrace all that tech has to offer?  Well in someways I would say yes. For some of us we have forgotten the art of well just talking, I have a blackberry I love and hate the damn thing, I have 750 minutes a month on the plan I pay for I use like 150 if that most months why?  Cause I text like a teen, I IM and now as some of you know tweet like there is no end.

And am not alone, in a recent poll Freshman going into college said Email was as bad as snail mail and I remember when it was the coolest thing ever!  Now a days you can work on a project with people around the world and never met them.  I can work on a video or web project from here at the Planet and send it back to whom ever and never see them in person, and that bothers me some.

I miss people, I miss the contact that we all once had, I miss having to drag my ass to a meeting with a client or picking up a phone and wow making a call.  But then I do love sitting at my desk in shorts and a tee music playing and having a text or video meeting, I have become the sliver box that Charlie lived in (yes am that old)

I wonder what kinda of world my four year old cousin and my young nephews will live in as just in the past 25 years we have come so far.  At four the kid can play wii and kick out butts use the Iphone he tried to use my blackberry a few weeks ago asked where the games where, when I told him I did not have any he looked at me and said Dude you need an Apple.

Now I will be the first to admit I’m a tech head I have a laptop a blackberry as well as a Ipod touch and coming soon the Ipad but how has it changed us all?  Sadly it is hard to say as it effects all of us in different ways.  Some of us still drag our asses to meetings we still see people over project, still take the time to make a call or send a note.  Am not one of those, and am ok with it well at least I am now.

I do wonder what the next few years have in store for us perhaps haoloprojectors where we can beam 3d images of our selfs into meeting or dare I say family events!  Now that I would buy, so ask your self this the next time you send a text I wonder if I should dial them up and just say Hello!



Where will it end?

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Today I spent the day running about having lunch with friends doing a little shopping and enjoying life, today like many as I run doing such things I turn off the net that I almost live on and just enjoy the day.  When I did get back from my quiet day I was shocked to see that a United States Congresswoman along with a Federal Judge and several other were gunned down by someone for what we still do not know the reasons.

Sadly the finger pointing has started and yes even I have found myself saying things aloud that I promised would not come from my mouth. Yet sadly they have and sadly they will as the anger from all of this overcomes me.  What has happened to us when have we become some third world country where this is the way in which some nut thinks will bring about change?  And what kind of change will it bring? What should we just kill everyone that we do not agree with?  If that were the case am a dead man cause there are a ton of people who will never agree with me.

I do not agree with most of the right I never will I feel that the GOP is for the 1% of the people with all the money and power and feel that the rest of us are here for us to serve them,  I do not agree with the fact that many feel that gays should not have the right to marry, I do not agree with sending young men and woman into harms way to defend one’s ego.  But with all of this did I every feel the need to pick up a gun to make my point.

Not once did I feel the need to tell those who might have read a blog I use to do or a internet radio show I once did to target these people, that we needed to reclaim this country by any means possible.  Yet today we see that happens when the fringe of this great country listen to the devil on their shoulder and take matters into their own hands!

Today someone took a gun and did what should never be done and shot at a group of people and for what because she was on a target list on a web site.  Because he might have listen to a man who knows nothing of what it means to be an american and did the unthinkable and tried to solve the nations problems with a the ringing of a bullet from the barrel of a gun.

And will this stop the madness?  Will this put a gag on them and make them stop filling people with false hope that America can be great again as long as we do it their way, as long as we get rid of those who stand for something different, something that they feel is not the American way?

I think that the United States Constitution is one of the most important document ever written was it a perfect hell no but it was a frame work to create something the world have never seen, it was a building block that allowed a people the chance to become a nation and grow.  Our founding fathers knew this and they made it so it could bend, flex and be changed as we needed.

Some would say well this country was founded in war and you are right when good people were pushed to far they pushed back and war happened but from that the framework was created so that we would never have to do that again, we are a nation of laws most of which are made to protect those who have broke them like this man who did this today and sadly those people who talked the talk and said the things which I’m sure helped him get up this morning and say today I make a stand!

This is not how it was suppose to be this is not what the founding fathers had in mind when they wrote that document when they set forth to create this country.  No they saw a better way if we do not like what is going on we can toss the bums out it called elections!  What some do not know is that it gives us the right to change things as we need, but no where does it say pick up a gun aim it into a crowd of people and open fire.

And who is really to blame for all of this, sadly all of us as we fight back and forth as we try and find a way out of the mess that we have become.  We will listen to anything as long as it is what we want to hear, as long as it might make things better, but at what costs?  The soul of everything were once were and can be again?  Why are we allowing a group of people to bring us to a brink we might not be able to return from?  One of the things I shall defend to my last breath is the First Amendment (Amendment I) for without it I could not be doing this right now.

In case you do not know what it  says here it is:

The amendment prohibits the making of any law “respecting an establishment of religion“, impeding thefree exercise of religion, infringing on the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment has been interpreted by the Supreme Court as erecting a separation of church and state

Sadly this means it allows someone to take to the airwaves and say what they want, to fill the heads of young men that we must take back what is ours no matter what.  And to stop that I would have to do what I can never do stop my belief in the 1st.  I feel that we have lost so much already, after the attacks on September 11th we were numb and we allowed things we never would have at any other time.

We give up rights and handled off power to those who did what they wanted, and we waited.  We stopped thinking and started fearing we watched as the color changed each day to tell us what could happen, but it never did.  What we got was a 300 page document that is one of the scariest ones ever written. What we got was fear.

Now that fear has grown, it has taken root and there are those who are ready to use it for their plans for their agenda, it has happened before Rome, Germany, Russia just to name a few.  But before you say it could not happen here take a look around, see what is going on, today’s act of pure cowardliness is a match that was waiting to be lit.   But to quiet it we would have to give up the most important right we have the freedom to talk, to yell, to fucking scream if need be.

And cannot do that, no all I can do is ask you, and you and you and you to stand up and say enough, to say this is not what is suppose to happen in this country, to stand up and turn off the hate, to turn off the noise and just try to bring this all to an end before it can really start.  Do we need to take this country back yes from those who want to burn it down to rebuild it in their image, but we never should do it with the ring of a gun shot.  For in doing this we have already lost, we have destroyed the dream that was and that which still could be.

And in the end that is all we can ask for, you don’t like something vote them out, write a letter but never take a gun and use it to solve it, so the question I ask you where will it end?  Do we allow those to ruin this experiment that was started all those years ago, or do we say ENOUGH and make sure that those who have helped light this match just stop and go away only time shall tell


I was asked last night what would I be writing about today by a lovely person who I have become friends with over the twitter.  Well I wondered what was I going to write about as this site is and will cover a wide range of subjects.  We have discussed being or not being a foodie, a subject I will cover more at a later time.  We have covered what the overall plan is for PlanetMonkey and even what has become my second home the over powering pull of the TWITTER!

So what to write about today, perhaps about something happening in the green world, or a really cool DIY project or even dare I say it a post about something fugal!  Well that one got my heart a beating I can tell you.  But now while all of these items and more will soon be getting the full attention of this site I feel today’s lesson kids is about keep up and never giving up!

What do I mean by keeping up?  Just that keeping up with what you want, what you need and what you dream!  I of all people understand how life has a way of sneaking up smacking you in the back of the head and saying sorry but you have to deal with me first dumb ass!  And sadly that is what must be done, but you also have to ask at what cost?

Now I’m not saying quit your job shave you head and join a biker gang, but you still need to keep up with your dreams.  What is it that you really would love to do? What is your passion and no I do not mean your kids, your home or stuff like that but your passion!  That one thing that gets your heart racing the blood pumping and you just want to yell out DAMN IT I’m going to do this!

Perhaps it is something as simple as learning to bake, or even write a book, bike across country or just get in front of people and tell jokes.  That is all on you I’m just asking the questions here, so what is it and how do you keep up?  I use to write this blog hell I do not even remember the name anymore but it was a passion it was a place where I can rant and vent and a lot of people would read it.  But then life happened and I did not keep up and it went away and with it my words and thoughts as I never write these in word which I should!

S o how do we keep up and still have this flipped out thing we all call life, how do we juggle passion with the realness of life, family and work?  That is the key the fine art of the juggle but do not most of us already have two, three, four or more balls in the air already? And if so can we dare add even one more?  I think the answer should be and must be yes!  We need to learn to live again in this country we are all consumed with what the Jones’s have that we have forgotten to just stop look around and smell the rose’s.

One of the major problems in this country is we work to live not live to work like much of the rest of the world, we have forgotten how to play, to dream and just unwind.  And in these days we need this more than ever, we need hobbies and other things to help make life easier in long run.  Now I do not even pretend to have all the answers or really any of them but we here at the Planet have a few idea how help you get to where you want to be,

  • Keep a journal: even if your passion is not writing it is a place to jot down thoughts, idea and goals.  It can be something as simple as a cheap notebook to a leather bound book, or make your own it’s fun and simple to do a basic one
  • Create a me space: Have a room that is full of stuff, clean it out, a shed you don’t use, well some paint, lights and such and you have a studio, something as small as a cubby or place in you kitchen can be transformed to suit you just be creative
  • Make time: This is the hardest of them all but something that needs to be done, if you want to write then take some time and write even if it just a page it is still your time away from it all, if you paint take a hour and create, bake turn a weekend day into a baking day it is up to you to crave a little time for your passion
  • Set Goals and stick to them: Think about what you want to get done and set a goal to get there, want to learn ballroom dancing then set a goal on taking the class, write set a goal on how many pages a day or even a week, what to grow something plan out when it needs to start, you get the point set goals

These are just some of what you can do it’s your thing just keep up say that to yourself over and over and just do it start a blog, plant a garden or just do yoga find your passion and keep it up you might find that your life is so much better!

So where to start?

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Well here we are at the start of it, the weekend is over and the first real week of the New Year has started as has the first week of what we are trying to do here at old PlanetMonkey!  What should be the first official blog as the ones before were fluff and a test to see if I could still even write anything.

I sat this weekend in one of my favorite places in the world a bookstore yes am one of those and I thought where do I want to go with all of this?  So that is the question of the day of the week and of the coming months ahead, I know what I want to do and how to do it so I guess we just need to start at the beginning and head on down the road!

I have to admit I’m a little scared by all of this as I am use to having a team to do just about anything production wise yet here I sit alone in my chair going forth into the unknown and wanting to make something fresh, new or at the very least newer and entertaining.

As I stated in the test posts this is not just a blog about food as while I’m a good cook I can never tell people how to do it that is for Paula, Guy and then all those great bloggers I know out there that do a fine job of it.  Will we have food posts oh yea, this is the year of meat and I will be doing it along with other who’s blogs I will link with the Planet!

But this is a lifestyle blog and hopefully network of video and audio podcasts for real people think Martha only not as out there.  There is going to be stuff about being frugal something I know all to well, organizing, green news, and so much more. This is also a place for all of you to ask questions make comments, suggest content and well even get into the act.

So as I ask at the start of this post where do we start?  The answer is right here so welcome to the Planet enjoy the view and please toss out your ideas we and I are looking forward to them

Big Monkey


Sunday are well…

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Well it is Sunday the day which I should be dressed in a suit going to a building with others who got up got dressed like they were going the office and then sit there as some person tells me am going to hell.

Well at least that is what I did growing up, now not so much it is that I do not believe in a higher power I just do not believe in organized well anything. When you get a group of people together and form anything large you are going to have problems.

I have never understood why one has to be in a building to worship anything but hey that is just me! So where was I going oh yea Sunday morning, a few years ago I would have found myself surrounded by people have breakfast at our place for Sunday mornings, eating laughing and just enjoying life.

Then some Sunday mornings I would just do something as simple as a small loaf of bread from the local bakery, some olive oil the Sunday paper and my back deck. Guess that is what is great about a Sunday morning it can be almost anything. And when you think about it should that not be what it should be.

So what makes you Sunday morning just yours, family and friends a quiet walk or bike ride or maybe getting all dressed up and sitting listing to someone tell you that you are going to hell. Whatever it is make it a good one cause campers Monday is just around the corner!

The 365 picture project

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Well today one of my tweet buddies said that she was going to start a 365 photo project, seems simple enough take one picture and post it for each day of the year.

I will be posting here as well as twitter (big surprise) and on a flixer account for planet monkey enjoy

Well I tried this earlier and well  it did not work, so I will do it again! Welcome to my world or at least my world here on the web. Here you will learn the ways of the force… wait sorry flashback to the 80’s! Be seriously this is a hard thing to explain as well I have a vast amount of interests and well opinions. I have tried to write a rant blog, a food only blog and then I thought WHY?

I have things to say about food, love it! Politics which I promise I will not rant about, green items, diy and sooooo much more so I created Planet Monkey! a little place to see about almost anything. Things to look forward to in the coming months? Glad you asked! As you see from the other post today I tweet well I tweet a lot! And well I met this cooks on their and we are doing the year of meat where we smoke, salt and cure meats I will be having posts on that but more than that they will be video blogs so you can see how it was done and how I most likely screwed it up!

There will be the 365 pictures project were I will post a new picture of something everyday it will also be in a planet monkey flicker account.  I’m on a quest for new pans so any of you pan companies out there want to hit me up I will be more than happy to try and blog what I feel about them hint hint hint!  I tend to rant about things and oh yea I will be doing that as well I will have audio blogs as sometimes I’m better at talking about something than writing.  All in all this will be fun and never meant to be be mean, well maybe sometimes!

This is a starting point a place to at least get the world out till I can build the real site so please check out all the time, tell your friends your enemies or the person you sit next to at the clinic, opps flashback again! I look forward to both inform you and to entertain! So till next time campers be nice to each other!