Do we know how to talk anymore

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Were are my flying cars, the transport tubes and all the other things the tech people envisioned way back in the old 20th century!  Well ok I can live without the flying cars as I hate to fly and people are bad enough with driving the damn things on the ground, just think of the mess if we took to the air!  Still there are things that have changed the world as we know it.

I’m a kid of the late 70’s early 80’s hell I still have some 8 tracks somewhere. back then we had two phones in the house maybe three, now I hardly even pick up the house phone, back then I use to pump quarters into arcade machines now I put a disk in one of the two different game units we have around here and play the same games from my easy chair.

Back then we had to use a stamp and send mail, these days I send email and really that is becoming out dated with IM’s, texts, and other forms of  “mail” In fact the good old postal service is looking to cut one day out as so many of us do not use them.  Way back in the old 20th we saw people we met with them now we face time, skype or tweet.

And while this is all well and good and well to me very, very cool has it hurt us a little as well? Have we become to distant from people from each other as we embrace all that tech has to offer?  Well in someways I would say yes. For some of us we have forgotten the art of well just talking, I have a blackberry I love and hate the damn thing, I have 750 minutes a month on the plan I pay for I use like 150 if that most months why?  Cause I text like a teen, I IM and now as some of you know tweet like there is no end.

And am not alone, in a recent poll Freshman going into college said Email was as bad as snail mail and I remember when it was the coolest thing ever!  Now a days you can work on a project with people around the world and never met them.  I can work on a video or web project from here at the Planet and send it back to whom ever and never see them in person, and that bothers me some.

I miss people, I miss the contact that we all once had, I miss having to drag my ass to a meeting with a client or picking up a phone and wow making a call.  But then I do love sitting at my desk in shorts and a tee music playing and having a text or video meeting, I have become the sliver box that Charlie lived in (yes am that old)

I wonder what kinda of world my four year old cousin and my young nephews will live in as just in the past 25 years we have come so far.  At four the kid can play wii and kick out butts use the Iphone he tried to use my blackberry a few weeks ago asked where the games where, when I told him I did not have any he looked at me and said Dude you need an Apple.

Now I will be the first to admit I’m a tech head I have a laptop a blackberry as well as a Ipod touch and coming soon the Ipad but how has it changed us all?  Sadly it is hard to say as it effects all of us in different ways.  Some of us still drag our asses to meetings we still see people over project, still take the time to make a call or send a note.  Am not one of those, and am ok with it well at least I am now.

I do wonder what the next few years have in store for us perhaps haoloprojectors where we can beam 3d images of our selfs into meeting or dare I say family events!  Now that I would buy, so ask your self this the next time you send a text I wonder if I should dial them up and just say Hello!


  1. Dana says:

    Not only have we lost our ability (desire?) to talk, I think many have lost the art of writing. My son can text 500 times in a week, but ask him to write a three paragraph paper and he’ll claim he has nothing to write.

    Hmmmm …

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